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Privacy policy

1. Intro to Privacy Policy

1.1 Thank you for visiting the platform of Sabong International. Sabong International is committed to upholding the privacy rights and concerns of all Users of our Sabong International website (the “Platform”) and takes seriously its obligations under applicable privacy laws and regulations (the “Privacy Laws”) (we refer to the Platform and the services we provide as described on our Platform collectively as the “Services”). A user who registers with us for an account to use the Services is referred to as a “User.”

We value the confidentiality and security of the personal information you have given to us, and we see it as our duty to handle, safeguard, and treat it in accordance with applicable laws. This Privacy Statement (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) is intended to help you understand how we obtain, use, disclose, and/or otherwise process the personal information about you that you have given us or that we may obtain in the future. It also aims to help you decide whether to give us any personal information by educating you on the subject.

1.2 “Personal Data” or “personal data” refers to information—whether true or false—about a person who can be recognized from the data, or from the data and other information to which an organization has or is likely to have access. Name, identification number, and contact details are typical instances of personal data.

Intro to Privacy Policy

1.3You acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices, specifications, and/or policies outlined in this Privacy Policy by using the Services, signing up for an account with us, accessing the Platform, or otherwise using the Services. You also hereby consent to our collection, use, disclosure, and/or processing of your personal data in the manners outlined in this Privacy Policy.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA AS OUTLINED IN THIS PRIVACY POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SERVICES OR ACCESS OUR PLATFORM. If we update this Privacy Policy, we will provide you with notice, including by posting the revised Privacy Policy on our Platform. We hold the right to change this privacy policy at any moment. Your continuing use of the Services or Platform, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, shall indicate your acknowledgment and acceptance of the modifications made to this Privacy Policy.

1.4 Unless we clearly declare differently, this Policy applies alongside any other notices, contractual provisions, and consent clauses that apply to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, and/or processing of your personal data by us. It is not intended to supersede any notices or clauses.

1.5 Unless otherwise specified, this Policy applies to both buyers and sellers who use the Services.

2. When Will Sabong International Collect Personal Data?

2. When Will Sabong International Collect Personal Data?
  • When you register with us, utilize our platform or services, or create an account with us;
  • When you use our products and services, when you sign into any agreements, or when you give any other paperwork or information in connection with your dealings with us;
  • Whenever you communicate with us, whether by phone (which may be recorded), letter, fax, in-person meeting, social media platform, or email, including when you speak with one of our customer service representatives;
  • If you utilize our electronic services, communicate with us through our site, or access services on our platform. Among other things, we may do this by using cookies on our website when you use them;
  • Granting our application or platform access to information on your device;
  • Whenever you transact using our services;
  • Whenever you express your opinions or file a grievance with us;
  • The preceding list of potential situations in which we might obtain personal information about you does not claim to be exhaustive. It only provides some examples.

3. What Personal Information Will Sabong International Collect?

3.1 Sabong International may gather the following types of personal information, but not just those.

  • name;
  • an email address
  • birth date;
  • delivery or billing address;
  • payment and bank account details;
  • a contact number;
  • gender;
  • data associated with or sent by the device(s) used to access our platform or services;
  • details regarding your network, the users, and the accounts you communicate with;
  • images, recordings of either sound or vision;
  • identifying documents issued by the government or other data necessary for fraud prevention, customer identification, or other purposes related to our due diligence;
  • information about your preferences for receiving marketing from us and third parties, as well as information about how you prefer to communicate and the details of previous contacts you’ve had with us, our service providers, and other third parties;
  • use and transaction information, such as information about your searches, orders, interactions with advertisements and content on the Platform, and other goods and services pertaining to you;
  • location info;
  • any additional information about the User at the time of registration to utilize our services or platform, whenever the User uses those services or platforms, and any information pertaining to the User’s usage of those services or platforms;
  • overall information about the content that Users interact with.

3.2 You undertake not to provide us with any information that is untrue or deceptive, and you also promise to notify us of any changes or errors to such information. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to request additional evidence in order to confirm the information you supplied.

3.3 You can opt-out at any time by telling our Data Protection Officer in writing if you do not want us to collect the previously specified information/personal data. Note, however, that opting out or withdrawing your consent for us to collect, use, or process your personal data may have an impact on how you use the Services and the Platform.

4. Other Data Collection

4. Other Data Collection

4.1 When you browse our Platform, like most websites, your device sends information that could include information about you that is logged by a web server. This typically includes, but is not limited to, your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer or mobile device operating system, and browser type, as well as the kind of mobile device, its features, its unique device identifier (UDID) or mobile equipment identifier (MEID), and the URL of a referring website (if any), the websites you use, the pages you view, the times of your visits, and occasionally a “cookie” (which may be turned off using your browser settings) to aid in the site remembering your most recent visit.

This information relates to your personal account if you are logged in. To help us understand how users use our site, the data is also included in anonymous statistics.

4.2 Using tools like GPS, Wi-Fi, and others, our websites may be able to determine with pinpoint accuracy where exactly your mobile device is. As part of the services provided by our mobile applications, we may collect, use, disclose, and/or process this information for one or more purposes, such as providing you with location-based services that you request, delivering relevant content to you based on your location, or enabling you to share your location with other Users.

Through your device settings on the majority of mobile devices, you can revoke your consent for us to get this information about your location. Please get in touch with the manufacturer or your mobile device service provider if you have any queries about how to turn off the location services on your device.

4.3 Much of the same information—including, without limitation, IP addresses, operating systems, etc.—is sent to us when you view pages on our website, watch content and advertisements, or access other software on our Platform or through the Services. However, rather than sending information about page views, your device sends us information about the content, advertisements viewed, and/or software installed by the Services and the Platform, as well as the date and time.

5. Cookies

5.1 From time to time, we or our approved service providers and marketing partners may use “cookies” or other technologies to enable us or third parties to collect or exchange information in connection with your use of our Services or Platform.

5. Cookies

These capabilities enable us to offer new services and features, enhance our platform and the services we provide, and/or provide you with more relevant content with the help of our advertising partners, including through remarketing. “Cookies” are unique identifiers that are saved on your computer or mobile device and keep track of information about your device, as well as information about how and when the Services or Platform are used or accessed, by how many users, and other activities on our Platform. Cookies and personal data may be linked by us.

Additionally, cookies contain information about the websites you have visited. With the help of this information, our third-party advertising partners can place advertisements on websites all over the internet, analyze statistics, and keep tabs on how the Services are being used.

5.2 You can disable cookies on your browser or device by choosing the proper options. Please be aware, though, that if you do this, you might not be able to utilize all of the features of our Platform or the Services.

6. How Your Personal Information Is Stored and Secured

6. How Your Personal Information Is Stored and Secured

You can be confident that Sabong International will:

  • according to your rights, processed;
  • fairly and legally processed;
  • only obtained for the aforementioned uses;
  • adequate, pertinent, and not excessive given the circumstances;
  • maintained safely;
  • not kept for longer than is required to fulfill its purposes.

Your information will be kept safe and secure by Sabong International by taking all necessary precautions. In this regard, we maintain the necessary organizational and technical safeguards to safeguard your data against improper or unauthorized processing.

We must keep your information as long as you remain a customer to comply with legal and contractual obligations. However, even if you stop using Sabong International’s services, we’ll keep your personal data for a while. We keep your information for a number of reasons, among them:

  • to abide by legal duties imposed by local legislation in the Philippines (such as licensing requirements or anti-money laundering rules);
  • To establish or defend against potential legal claims made against us, such as accusations of carelessness;
  • to uphold our contractual duties and rights regarding the relevant information;
  • our legitimate interests in cases where we conducted balancing tests;
  • to follow the rules set forth by the appropriate data protection authorities.

We encrypt sensitive data kept in our systems, including usernames, passwords, credit card or debit card numbers, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses. This information is delivered with a high level of user access protection, and only the program will be able to decrypt it. All events or activities are logged in a secure server.

The devices you use to visit our website, give us information via email, messaging applications, or our website are not under our control, and as a result, we are unable to impose the same level of security on them. As a result, before receiving your personal information, we are not liable for the security or protection of any data that may have been intercepted.

7. Any Modifications to Our Privacy Statement

You may want to review this Privacy Policy every time you provide us with personal information because it may be modified sometimes to reflect changes in how we work or how our work is regulated. This page will indicate when the most recent revision was made. Please stop providing Sabong International with your personal information and stop using our services altogether if you do not agree to these changes. Unless you object, the Privacy Policy’s modifications will be deemed accepted by you.

7. Any Modifications to Our Privacy Statement

Aside from that, you can always remove your account. If there is a significant change to the Privacy Policy, such as one that affects how we intend to use your personal information, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for some services, notification of the Privacy Policy change by email), and you will be required to expressly accept these changes to continue using the Service. The changes will take effect immediately after you accept them.


Sabong International’s Privacy Policy outlines how personal information is collected, used, disclosed, and processed on their platform, in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

Sabong International may collect various types of personal information including name, email address, birth date, contact details, payment information, preferences, transaction history, and device-related data.

Users can opt-out of data collection by notifying Sabong International’s Data Protection Officer in writing. However, opting out may impact the user’s ability to fully utilize the services provided.

Your Duty

By using our website and providing your personal information, you agree that Sabong International may request your actual, accurate, and complete data. To keep your information current and accurate, you must also let us know if anything changes.

We reserve the right to reject your registration application or to suspend or terminate your account immediately and without prior notice if it is determined that you have broken your obligations or if we have a good faith belief that the information you provide is untrue, incomplete, or otherwise in violation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or this Policy.

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