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Emil Garcia is one of the researchers and creators of online sabong in the Philippines. His passion for breeding roosters led him to fly to the Philippines which made him love the culture of Philippine sabong. When the pandemic struck he thought that sabong would vanish from the Philippine culture.

Author - Emil Garcia

The study, research, and connection to big people create mixed ideas from the pandemic, derby, and social media to come up with the online sabong that made a huge impact on Filipino sabong lovers and the Philippine gambling industry.

How Emil Garcia became an Sabong enthusiast

How I became an Sabong enthusiast

Because of his extensive knowledge of rooster breeding, he can provide readers with unique insights and advice. Emil Garcia blogs at sabonginternational.me, where you may find the best recommendations for playing and tactics in online sabong.

Achievement Reviews

Achievement Reviews

Some of the top-rated books that Emil Garcia wrote.

In March 2017 “A Guide for Cockers and Breeders: How to Breed, Raise, and Condition Gamefowls That Win Battles”

To create the best game birds that can triumph in battles, cockers and breeders are in high demand as cockfighting has grown to be a tough sport to compete in.

Nobody who enjoys cockfighting or “sabong” should accept anything less, and they should all be aware of what it takes to succeed and persistently do so. But some people are still unsure of what qualifies as a legal game bird for contemporary cockfighting, which dates back to the union of a brood cock and a brood hen.

In January 2018 “The Most Effective Gamefowl Conditioning Program for Long Knife Competition”.

When we talk about training our game birds for competition on the long knives, we are referring to teaching them how to excel in a sport that prizes speed, power, gameness, and cutting accuracy. Some breeds of game birds possess each of these characteristics.

However, we may develop the strength, agility, and accuracy of our game birds. Most of the time, an encounter with a long knife doesn’t last longer than 8 or 9 minutes. The manner in which we train them, however, will define how ready and powerful they are, both on the short journey and in the struggle until the very end.

For instance, regardless of the chosen weapon, the Rotation Method we cover in this book is a tried-and-true method of training our game birds. We can’t, however, always leave things as they are. If we can identify ways to further enhance what we already believe to be the optimal conditioning strategy, there is still much we can do to make a difference in that situation.

In September 2018 “On Point: Recognizing Peaked Rooster Signs”

Every game bird has a specific time when it is pointed or at its peak during a specific period. Therefore, you may always take the wise counsel of experts to “fight your chickens when they’re ready, not when you’re ready” seriously.

Therefore, the goal of this book is to fully inform you on how to recognize the telltale indicators that your roosters are in top fighting shape. It also serves as a fast review of the many game bird lineages and their respective fighting styles, conditioning needs, and pointing requirements.

In December 2019 “Conditioning Program for 21 Days”

When everything else seems to be centered around a cloud of uncertainty, we can use this book as a performance compass to gauge the performance of our feathered fighters and to gain great optimism. Yes, cockfighting has a proven winning strategy. Our game birds do not, however, become invulnerable as a result. No matter how good we think these feathered warriors are, there is always someone out there whose game birds can defeat the game birds of another.

What I do at Sabong International

What I do at Sabong International

The main purpose of sabong international is to give online updates, articles, blogs, and other major tips and help you implement them whether you are a beginner or a long-time sabong breeder. 

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Our Goals and Commitments

Our Goals and Commitments


  1. License and Regulation – Licensed by PAGCOR
  2. Safety and Security – Your connection is private as well as your data
  3. Deposits and Withdrawals – It is always advantageous to have a variety of secure payment options available.
  4. Promotions and Wagering Conditions – We provide generous bonuses, practical wagering conditions with explanations, and prompt client service.
  5. Always available for Customer Assistants – Our customer service will always be available.


Provide the latest Sabong news

Providing you with the latest updates and news about all the happenings in sabong community. Know the important dates and activities in our sabong 

Offer the best live Sabong service

Sabong International offers you the best quality live and updated online sabong in the country. Featuring the biggest names and sabong groups in the country that will surely excite your sabong experience.

Help grow awareness about online Sabong and its potential

In modern technology, the Online Sabong industry will further be regulated in modern ways. Everything is right that there should be regulated because we are subject to the law. And it’s good that even though there are many who benefit from the Online Sabong industry, proper regulation should be implemented.

E-Sabong might have its flaws but with the right regulations and professional developers, it can provide Filipinos with a great form of entertainment, preserve this cultural heritage, and provide a source of income for many others.

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