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Sabong International brings the traditional Philippine sport of cockfighting into the modern era. Known locally as “sabong,” this blood sport involves two cocks or roosters fighting each other in a designated pit. With origins dating back about 6,000 years, sabong is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most popular sports in the Philippines. Typically hosted during local festivities and celebrations in specific areas of a town, Sabong International now offers fans the convenience of accessing multiple cockpits from anywhere, eliminating the need to travel to a particular sabong arena to place bets.

Sabong International review

Sports bettors who want to place bets on sabong matches can place live bets through certain e-sabong live platforms that are either part of certain casinos or are provided by certain sabong providers.

Top E-Sabong Live Platform

Top E-Sabong Live Platform

Anyone can start betting on sabong matches through different e-sabong platforms, including Sabong International, Sabong Express, Sabong 888, Sabong Worldwide, and Pitmaster.

Sabong International Live

Sabong International is an online sabong platform in the Philippines that grew during the outbreak of COVID-19 as it enjoyed digital exposure from countless vloggers. Sabong International has seen massive growth throughout the years, with the platform now also offering other games to accommodate the other registered gamblers, including Hi-Lo, Spider Fight, Color Fun Game, Coin Master Game, and others.

Sabong Express Live

Crazy Time is a live casino game by Evolution Gaming that features a colorful wheel and exciting bonus rounds. The wheel is spun and players bet on numbers, bonus games, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. It offers dynamic entertainment with charismatic hosts, a lively studio environment, and the opportunity for players to win large amounts of money through its many betting options and bonus features.

Sabong 888 Live

Sabong 888 is a popular e-sabong platform which allows for live sabong betting. Sabong 888 features different accessible payment methods and several generous bonuses as well. This can be easily confused with other Sabong 888, S888, and 888 Casino cockfighting platforms that may or may not be operated by legitimate operators or cybercriminals posing as legit operators.

Sabong Worldwide

Sabong Worldwide is a popular onling sabong platform in the Philippines and is one of the preferred betting platforms in the country. The platform itself also allows gamblers to place bets on different cockfights worldwide.

Pitmaster Live

Pitmaster was a popular online sabong betting platform frequented by many Filipino gamblers. Atong Ang, owner of Pitmaster, voluntary ceased its operations after former president Rodrigo Duterte ordered the shutdown of e-sabong operations. While the closure has contributed in keeping younger bettors and low-income bettors from losing money, it has also resulted in the end of the free dialysis program by the e-sabong platform.

Top Rooster Breeds in Sabong International

Top Rooster Breeds in Sabong International

Here are the top rooster breeds in Sabong International and their respective characteristics that make them favorites among sabong enthusiasts.

KelsoAggressive and enduring fighter
AsilSpeedy, tall, and muscular stance
PeruvianGood endurance and fighting spirit
HatchCapable of handling various styles
SweaterIntelligent and strategic fighter
RoundheadStrong beak and spurs for attacks
GreyExcellent cutting and striking ability
ClaretMedium size with good balance
RadioEndures long matches well
LeiperQuick and aggressive movements

Advantages of Sabong International

Advantages of Sabong International

Sabong International brings the thrill of cockfighting online, offering a secure and convenient platform for enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Skip the travel! Enjoy live streams and a vast selection of matches from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Real-time betting and live streaming put you in the heart of the action, adding excitement to every match.
  • Strict rules and transparent systems ensure all games are conducted with integrity.
  • Competitive odds and diverse betting options cater to seasoned players and newcomers.
  • Experience a smooth, high-quality platform built for a seamless online sabong experience.

How to Register at Sabong International?

How to Register at Sabong International

Follow this simple guide to register and create your account:

1. Visit the Website: Search for “Sabong International” official website.

2. Access the Registration Page: Click the Register button on the homepage.

3. Create Your Account: Fill out the registration form, providing basic information such as:

  • Username: Create a username with 8-12 characters, including letters and numbers.
  • Secure password: Create a strong password including letters, numbers, or characters.
  • Mobile number: Enter your valid mobile number
  • Email address: Enter your valid email address

4. Verify Your Account: Sabong International will send an OTP on your provided mobile number and require you to enter a verification code to activate your account.

How do you log in to Sabong Philippines? 

How do you log in to Sabong Philippines

Once you have registered your account, you can start your gaming journey by logging in.

  • Visit the Website: Go to the official Sabong International website.
  • Locate the Log-in Button: Look for the log-in button on the homepage. It’s usually located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Log-in: Click on the log-in button to proceed.
  • Enter Your Credentials: Enter your username and password in the designated fields. Make sure to input the correct information.
  • Click on the Log-in Button: Once you’ve entered your credentials, click the log-in button to access your account.
  • Access Your Account: You should now be logged in and able to access your account on Sabong International.

Payment Method at Sabong International

Payment Method at Sabong International

We offer a variety of payment methods to suit your preferences, guaranteeing a smooth and secure experience.  All transactions are protected by advanced encryption technology, keeping your financial information safe.


If you prefer digital wallets, we’ve covered you with various fast and secure fund management options. These include:

  • GCash: Leading mobile wallet in the Philippines offering hassle-free fund management and transactions.
  • PayMaya: A convenient e-wallet option in the Philippines for easy online payments.
  • PayPal: This is a widely used digital payment platform for secure transactions and quick transfers.
  • Skrill: Renowned for low-cost international money transfers, making it ideal for global users.
  • Neteller: Popular among online gamers for its fast and secure payment solutions.

Credit and Debit Cards

We welcome all major credit and debit cards for convenient account top-ups. Here are the accepted cards:

  • Visa: Widely trusted and accepted globally, Visa ensures secure online transactions.
  • MasterCard: A renowned option for seamless online payments worldwide.
  • American Express: Known for top-notch customer service and reliability in online transactions.
  • Discover: While less widely accepted than Visa or MasterCard, It offers secure payment options for online transactions.

Bank Transfers

If you prefer traditional banking methods, you can also top up your account via bank transfers from central banks in the Philippines, such as:

  • BDO Unibank: A reliable choice known for its extensive online banking services.
  • Metrobank: Offering a wide range of services, Metrobank is another convenient option for online bank transfers.
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI): BPI’s user-friendly online platform makes online banking hassle-free.
  • Land Bank of the Philippines: A secure option as a government-owned bank with reliable online banking services.

Bonuses and Promotions at Sabong International

Bonuses and Promotions at Sabong International
  • Welcome Bonus: Receive a 50% bonus on your first deposit amount.
  • Deposit Bonus: Deposit an amount from Php 200 to Php 1000 for an additional bonus.
Deposit AmountBonus Amount
Php 200Php 38
Php 400Php 68
Php 600Php 98
Php 800Php 128
Php 1000Php 158
  • Reload Bonuses: Enjoy a 25% bonus on your second deposit, up to Php 1,000.
  • Cashback Offers: You can get a 10% rebate based on your daily losses. You must have incurred a minimum of Php 1,000 in losses to qualify.
  • Bonus for VIPs: Get an upgrade weekly and monthly rewards based on your VIP level. The higher your level, the higher the potential payout.
  • Sabong International Agent Commission: Get at least 40% of an active referred member’s losses.

A Guide to Sabong International Betting

A Guide to Sabong International Betting

Ready to experience the electrifying world of online Sabong? Sabong International makes it easy! This guide takes you from logging your account to collecting your winnings, ensuring a smooth and exciting journey.

Join the Game:

  • Log in to your registered account to access it.

Fuel Your Bets:

  • Go to “Wallet” or “Account”
  • Select “Deposit” 
  • Choose your preferred payment method

Choose Your Champion:

  • Explore the upcoming matches on the “Matches” page. There, you can find details like schedules and information about the gamefowl.
  • Do your research! Gamefowl statistics and past performance are displayed to help you make informed bets.

Place Your Wager:

  • Select the gamefowl you believe will win. Enter your desired bet amount.
  • Double-check everything! Review the details in the confirmation window before clicking “Confirm” to finalize your bet.

Experience the Action:

  • Sit back and enjoy the livestream! Witness the thrilling match unfold on the Sabong International platform.

Claim Your Victory:

  • Check “Match Results” after the competition to see the outcome. The platform automatically adds your winnings to your account balance if your bet wins.

Sabong International App

Sabong International App

Online betting is currently the most accessible means of betting worldwide, especially during the time when nearly everyone was forced to stay indoors in 2020. Oftentimes, one sign of an online betting site’s legitimacy is the availability of an online betting app, which International Sabong has.

Sabong International Download

The Sabong International application can be downloaded by scanning a QR code using a user’s smartphone. Betting through an application allows bettors to be confident that the e-sabong platform they’re betting through is legitimate. Being able to access the platform through a dedicated application is also preferred than manually navigating the internet to look for Sabong International, only to end up registering in a fake e-sabong platform.

Sabong International Login

Bettors can login to Sabong International through the mobile application by providing either their registered mobile number or email and the password of the account.

Live Sabong vs Local Cockpit

Betting on live international sabong matches is possible through both online betting platforms and local cockpits available in whatever town or barangay a bettor lives in. Betting through local cockpits, however, has more limited choices than through a live e-sabong platform, which is why it is arguably better to place bets online.

Live Sabong vs Local Cockpit

The advantages of betting live through e-sabong platforms like Sabong international include being able to choose from many different matches to bet on and have more information on certain roosters. The disadvantage is obviously not being able to watch the match live on-site alongside many other bettors. However, local cockpit betting is more limited than e-sabong and e-sabong’s live features can arguably accurately imitate the atmosphere of betting live on-site, making it a better choice anyway.

Pagcor Online Sabong Live Update

Pagcor Online Sabong Live Update

Live e-sabong is regulated by PAGCOR, or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Currently, e-sabong operations are still suspended and e-sabong conducted by local operators are not back, which means that any available e-sabong activities are done offshore. PAGCOR is currently monitoring any active e-sabong operations in the country.


Online sabong is the online version of the bloodsport for game roosters. Sabong itself is the sport where two roosters fight to the death inside a cockpit.

You can play online sabong through legitimate e-sabong platforms like Sabong International.

Most e-sabong platforms also offer the option to watch the games live, even with commentators livening up the match for anyone watching.

Online sabong works by having professional camera operators film a live match and stream it through the gambling e-sabong platform. This can entice bettors to place bets instead of simply watching a match, allowing them to have a chance to win real money.

Yes. When accessing an online casino or sabong platform using a PC, you can login your account normally and place bets.

Cockfighting, or sabong, is a popular pastime that is also a 6,000 year old tradition which is deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. 


Sabong International is an excellent live e-sabong platform available for many different Filipino sabong bettors, especially with Sabong 888 and Pitmaster being unavailable for Filipino gamblers. Online sabong betting is a popular betting activity that has more reach and more options compared to local cockpit betting with a limited number of roosters available to bet on.

E-sabong simply provides more betting options when compared to local cockpit betting, especially for Overseas Filipino Workers who long to place bets on roosters.

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